The Advantages Of HID H4 6000K

HID H4 6000K is a kind of xenon lamp. In the first place, let’s learn something about xenon lamp. Xenon lamp, is also called HID, is short of High Intensity Discharge, can be called Heavy metals  lamp or xenon lamp. Automotive xenon lamp products by xenon bulbs, variable pressure of ballast and insulated wires. Its working principle is that after turning on the power HID H4 6000Ksupply, transformers, in the moment will be 12 v power supply to more than 20000 v voltage, high voltage pulse in activation of xenon lamp xenon arc 6000 k – 10000 k color temperature of strong light, crystal drilling in white with purple blue in color. It completely abandoned the traditional combustion tungsten luminous principle, is a revolutionary change in the field of lighting system.

HID H4 6000K will pass the car supercharger 12 volt dc voltage instantaneous pressure to 23000 volts high-pressure by Ballast, polar arc produced by ultra-high pressure, after high-pressure shock excitation picture crystal glass tube of xenon free electrons, between two electrodes produced strong light as day. Produced by xenon white super electric arc, can improve the light color temperature value, similar to the day of the sun light, then the voltage to 80-110 – v, continue to supply stable xenon bulbs glow, emitting such as noon too. The specifical benefits of HID H4 6000K is that can be better for the front lighting. And the speed of light to turn the steering wheel, the things that make you see the road ahead in advance, such as a person, what obstacles, reduce the possibility of traffic accidents.

Compare with typical osram lamp, HID H4 6000K have high brightness, long lifetime, strong province electricity, safer and so features. Not only can be applied to vehicle head lamp lighting, can also be applied in fire emergency lighting system, police and outdoor lighting, ship navigation system at night, the locomotive lamp lighting, industrial building main folk lightweight portable lighting outdoor lighting at night and so on.

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