A tiny and compact camera–Camera F39

Camera F39Camera F39 is a new style of outdoor sports waterproof camera. Its manufacturing process is more and more sophisticated, which making it body can be smaller and smaller. Even more, it is smaller than our palms, more convenient to use, greatly enhanced its portability. There is also a  variety of color selection. You can choose according to your hobby. Besides, it supports the function of wifi, is really easy to operate. I quite like it, so I bought a blue one for myself.

Camera F39 has a high-definition camera with 12 mega pixels. So you can shoot high-quality photos and record video with quality of 1080p. Even more, its price is far lower than GOPRO which can save a lot of money for us. In addition, this camera also supports 140 degrees wide angle shots. As a car DVR, you can install anywhere whether it is inside the vehicle by its good resistance of water. This can save a lot of space in your car, but also can really save a lot of our expenses. This versatile camera has changed my life style. Not only at home, I would often take some home videos, but also when I was doing exercise, it recorded the fragment of my life all day.

In addition, the wifi function is very practical. You can remotely control your camera within a certain range. Otherwise it will affect the connection of wifi. Finally, I must mention that it has lost of attachments which are very powerful. For example, the waterproof case has a strong resistance of water. Either in rainy day or under the water for 30 meters, you can freely take the picture. The other attachments are also practical. All in all, such a portable camera is really good, and we can choose the color we want.This is really awesome!

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