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Motorcycle LoudspeakerA few days ago, I visited the website and find a good product, a motorcycle loudspeaker, which is suit for the policemen or other people who need to speed loud. It is very competitive for its small size but powerful sound.

Talking about the appearance, its color is black, a serious color it has, standing for the same characteristic of its owner. It has a size of about 9.7*11.5*6.7cm, and the end of the diameter is about 6.7cm, overall length is 12cm. What a mini size it has! Therefor, it is very light and handy, in other words, very easy to carry and taking a small place to install. It is made of plastic and metal material, showing its hard and light features.

Looking at what I mentioned before, you may ask such small a loudspeaker, can sound loud? You don’t worry about that. It has microphone configuration, which can delivery a super loud to 125 db, so amazing! What’ s more, it can emanate 6 different sound siren speaker, many choices of sounds satisfying your needs to change any sounds you like.

The suitability of it is also fantastic. It can fit for many types of vehicles, which use 12 Volt DC, such as car, boat, truck, tractor, van, SUV and so on. Wonderful suitability! What’ s more, its powerful air horn also comes with any application. With such two nice features, you can buy it at ease and it will bring you a good try.

All in all, this type of motorcycle loudspeaker is so nice for you to own one, not only for its loud speak, but also for its various sounds to choose, moreover, it has mini size, which not take so much room of your vehicle.
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