90 Degree High Definition Car DVR Make The Record More Comprehensive

high definition car DVRAt precent, the car DVR in the market are have wide-angle lens, even though, it still not enough to shoot the full view. How about if a car DVR with a revolving shot? High definition car DVR is a kind of car DVR with the shot can revolve for 90 degree. Let you to have a panoramic view during the driving.

The built-in 4 LED Night lights can switch type infrared, When insufficient light source are detected automatically. The vehicle delay start function to prevent instantaneous electric current too big damage caused by the machine. This high definition car DVR can switch video/Taking pictures/browsing. It can horizontal installed in car windscreen simple quickly,not easy to the driver’s line of sight. Its Built-in microphone Gao Gan degrees,and the built-in120 ultra wide angle lens.  Images can be set time and date, proof is more convenient. Supports the auto start the video and shut down automatically after shutdown archive. Use SD Memory card to store video files, the maximum can up to 32 GB. Supply video function, can be recorded while driving.External type lithium battery, battery changes it is more convenient to use. Can through the car charger or USB connect the computer to charge. It also has the humanized operation interface and the buttons are clear. Can close the screen when recording, it’s hidden and save electricity.

This high definition car DVR can record the whole process of vehicle dynamic image and sound. In case of traffic accident, it may retain effective evidence of the time. By the host SD Card to record image and sound information, escorted the traffic condition, and all kinds of factors, such as dynamic images.If there are any accident when handling disputes, it can provide you accident analysis and judgment, provides evidences for the first time to master the most effective and fastest processing and strain. Driving on the road, it’s hard to avoid some traffic disputes, own the frist evident is the most beneficial for yourselves.

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