70mai Car Air Pump Review

Xiaomi is one of the most innovative companies, not only because of its famous smartphones but also because of all the electronic devices they have to offer. We present to your attention the new Xiaomi 70Mai, the new Xiaomi 70Mai air compressor so that you always have a bicycle easily and conveniently at hand. Thanks to a variety of nozzle adapters, it is multifunctional and has a long connection cable.

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The Design

The 70mai air Car  Air pump is the complete opposite of its ultra-compact predecessor. Its dimensions are only 164 x 148 x 54 mm. As a result, it also fits quietly into the under-dash storage space. It weighs 0.95 kg, so transfers are not a problem.
He really succeeded in design. The color is black made of high-quality material. As you can see, there is a screen with tire pressure on top and 4 simple control buttons below it.
The compressor is operated via a classic 12 V car socket. The power cable is 3.1 m long and can easily reach all tires. The air hose is 0.7 m long.
The 70mai Air Compressor Lite features high quality and durable materials. It includes metal gears, piston rings made of German quality PTFE and HAI high-temperature copper helix.

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Performance and Features

Despite its compact size, it is a very powerful device. Tires with an average size of 195/70R14 can thicken in about 4.8 minutes, a speed of 25L/min z 0 at 30 PSI. This is a respectable representation for a device of a certain size. The maximum pressure it can employ is 160 PSI or 11 bar. It can inflate tires in classic vehicles, but also in SUVs, trucks and motorcycles.

It can run for 30 minutes continuously or inflate up to 4 tires per row. Compared to the competition, it was really quiet despite its performance. The noise does not exceed 78.8 dB.
The 70mai Air Compressor Lite comes with three additional extensions. You can also use the device to inflate bicycle tires, swimming aids, or sports aids such as balls. It can be used in a wide variety of products.
You can store almost any extension at the bottom of the compressor. So are the hoses and electrical cables. It doesn’t take up extra space. Thanks to the material, it can be operated at a temperature of -30-70 ° C.

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The 70mai electric air pump performs as expected and its quality is superb. You can purchase this electric car pump from Banggood at an affordable price.

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70mai Car Air Pump Review
Article Name
70mai Car Air Pump Review
Portable electric car pumps has come to stay and it is a very handy gadget to have in the trunk of your car. It saves you time and effort. Today, we will be reviewing the 70mai Car Air Pump.

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