7 inch GPS Navigation to help you find your way to the destination

For some people, especially newbies, they are not so familiar with the roads, streets or something, it may take them lots of efforts and time to arrive at the destinations, or sometimes they may get lost in some deserted place and that is really a trouble. If you want to avoid such problems, you should get a GPS navigator which can show you the shortest route to the destinations, provide you audio prompt and other powerful functions. But it is kinda difficult for you to find a good navigator with nice price. Here is a good recommendation for you, 7 inch GPS Navigation, if you are interested in it, come and check it out.
7 inch GPS NavigationThis is a 7 Inch Car Auto GPS Navigation with TFT LCD Touch Screen and Windows CE6.0 System. The screen can give you perfect and clear display which are hard to get with such a price. Coming with MediaTekMT3351 processor and Windows CE6.0 OS, you can enjoy the smooth operating of this device. Though its name is navigator, actually, it is not only a GPS navigator, but also a movie player, MP3, E-book and electronic album. The movie format it supports includes WMV / ASF / AVI and other formats. And you can adjust the play progress, pause and play video files in full screen. If you forget to bring your phones or tablets, you can still enjoy a good movie with it when you are able to have a wonderful break in your cars. You can play some soft music when you want to catch a nap in cars. 7 inch GPS Navigation supports audio playback, order play, random play and loop, WMA9 / MP3 / WAV format. What’s more, when you are free or when you want to calm yourself down, you can play some music while read a good book on this GPS navigator. All in all, it will bring you so much, or let you enjoy a peaceful and comfortable break.
7 inch GPS NavigationHowever, as a navigator, the most important function of it definitely is the map function. It supports 3d picture, intersection zooming in. When you want to go to some certain little place, you can zoom in the map to find it out. Besides, it comes with voice prompts, auto correction, facilities consulting, quick find and display settings to ensure you that you can go to the place with the shortest time, which is very convenient and it is like there was a expert sitting beside you to tell you where to drive. The maps of different countries can be downloaded from the resource websites this item provides for you. Besides these functions, 7 inch GPS Navigation also has calender, calculator and unit converter tools to bring convenience to your life.

7 inch GPS Navigation 7 inch GPS Navigation

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