5V Usb Car Charger for Convenient Charging for Your Mobile Devices

5V usb car chargerCompared with the 3 usb car charger, this 5V usb car charger i am gonna talk about today is almost no different except the appearance. At least the information on banggood.com tells me this. So i wonder if this two products are come from the same company.

5V usb car chargerThey really have the same specs. So today maybe i can be lazy and skip the spec introduction, haha. But to be honest, i prefer the 5V usb car charger. It comes with the rocket look, which is very cute. It also has LED light, which gives out sky-blue light. Like the 3 usb car charger, this light also comes with 5.2A efficient charging. And the current is controlled between 1 to 2.1A. Many people may wonder why is that. The answer is that this car charger will intelligently detect the current the device needs and match the current for it. It provides current output based on each USB, thus it can easily offer high-quality charging for each digital product, without damaging the battery. For your safety, you should choose a good car charger even it costs more.

For your information, i still list the specs:
5V usb car charger
Blue led indicator
Over-current and over-voltage protection
Input: 12-24V
Output: 5V-5.2A
ABS + PC anti-fire shell
Size: 75×40×40mm
Approved by CE, FCC, ROHS

The price:$6.99

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