5-150 PSI LCD Air Pressure Help You To Do A Good Precautionary Measures In Driving

5-150 PSI LCD Air Pressure is a digital test using cutting-edge electronic technology research and development into a professional car tire digital pressure gauge. Summer, the temperature on the surface of the earth is very high, so the car tire blowout, are likely to happen will happen serious casualties, in order to avoid such injury, we must be prepared for car tire gauge, but the tire gauge use isn’t very popular, many owners also don’t know it, all owners are need to know the characteristics of the tire gauge, and how to use it.

5-150 PSI LCD Air Pressure There are some characters with 5-150 PSI LCD Air Pressure, such as peak and save functions, LCD backlit display value is easy to read, the choice of different units. The correct use of are equally important. In the first place, put test valve quickly pushing into the tire valve mouth, keeping a flat state for a few seconds, then pull out the pressure gauge and read value. The utility model has simple structure, small range, high precision, easy to use, suitable for small vehicles such as minivans, motorcycle tire pressure measurement is used.

Tested to meet the requirements of automobile manufacturers regulations automobile tire pressure value, about 3.3% can reduce fuel consumption. If the tire pressure reduce 30%, when the car running at 40 km/H, car’s fuel consumption will increase 5-10%, so get in the car before habitual glance at the tires, such as feeling a little flat tire, you need to hurry with 5-150 PSI LCD Air Pressure quick test tire pressure value, at the same time, don’t forget to check the spare tire pressure value, in case of urgent need spare tire pressure is insufficient. According to relevant data, a regular car tires on standard is, best winter front wheel is 2.5 kg, the rear wheels to 2.7 kg; Summer the front wheel is 2.3 kg, the rear wheel is 2.5 kg. This can ensure safe driving and riding comfort, also can make the fuel consumption is minimized.

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