4 Kinds of Car Ceiling Fabrics That Are Perfect For Vehicle Interior


Prior to this time when vehicles had an enormous headliner event that was made utilizing strain bows or rods that passed through the headliner material for holding it set up in a curve against the rooftop board. These bars were made of wood or metal, relying upon the producer of the car. 

The headliner fabric could be made of practically any sort of material from typical upholstery material to weightier fabric like vinyl. It is perfect to locate a well-recognized vehicle upholstery provider for purchasing the top-quality car roof for your vehicle headliner event and give an attractive look to your vehicle. Here are some various kinds of materials that you can use for the vehicle roof.

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Headliner Fabric That Is Right for Car Interiors 

The headliner of the car is the roof of the cabin that is utilized to give protection from sound, secure the wires that stumble into the roof of the vehicle, and shield the endured material. To protect the headliner, it is fundamental to keep it spread, utilizing a texture that secures and gives a rich look to your vehicle.  You can also purchase a star roof car light to beautify the car even more. Here is a few headline fabric: 

1. Vinyl 

For a vehicle with bows headliner, vinyl is the ideal decision, since it very well may be cut exactly for fitting the peculiar shape of the vehicle. It is likewise simple to clean and arrives in a broad scope of colors, surfaces, and styles, so you can alter the appearance to suit your taste. It doesn’t just make a gorgeous appeal for your vehicle’s interior. It can likewise be installed by an expert to look as though it were the original fabric. 

2. Synthetic 

This is a light material, which provides unbelievable breathability and durability implies it won’t hold heat in the car. This vehicle headliner material is likewise sturdier than vinyl. It is known for being rip and tear-resistant, permitting you to drive the vehicle with a relaxed mind having in mind it’s inside cannot be damaged. 

3. Foam Back 

Foam backcloths are ideal for the vehicle that has Foam-made headliners. Also, your alternatives incorporate conventional Foam backcloth that is a single bit of material with a foam backing connected and can be expertly installed on the overload board. The foam back softened cowhide options that provide a progressively expensive look comes prepared for installation with foam back attached. What’s more, the softened cowhide can be designed in many colors for matching the overall style you desire to accomplish. However, it will make an ageless, costly-looking interior for your ride. You can go for the foam back mossy oak that is a cloth-like designed headliner that produces a typical completion in the vehicle inside. 

4. Napped Fabric 

Napped material is utilized in older cars with a bowed rod bolstered sort of headliner. It gives a delicate touch and uniform look, keeping with the style of other upholstery. 


These are some various sorts of vehicle ceiling fabrics that you can utilize for giving an appealing look to your vehicle. Purchase quality car ceiling fabric from Banggood.com today and give your car that classy look it deserves. 


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