4.3 Inch Rearview Monitor constitutes excellence in revering video system

4.3 Inch LCD Monitor1The uses of a lot of things are always unexpected, such as 4.3 Inch Rearview Monitor in your car. We generally watch movies and take it as display for the GPS navigation. It seems that these can give full play role of its display. But have you ever through, combined with cameras to build a reversing video system?

Car Rearview MonitorBuilding a reversing video system with 4.3 Inch Rearview Monitor can help us solve a lot of trouble. In our daily life, we often see the husband reversed the car and the wife gave the direction for her husband in the outside of car. This action can avoid the car from destroying something, damage the body of car. However, this is too troublesome. If you are the alone, how will you do? I might as well help you solve this problems with some equipment. Reversing video system can really help you solve parking problems. By this system, clear image will appear on the monitor when you reverse your car, so that you can be comfortable when you are reversing.

How to build a reversing video system by yourself? It is very simple, needs only three main components: 4.3 Inch Rearview Monitor, HD camera and a long signal cable. First, the monitor mounted on the front windshield or elsewhere where will not block the line of sight, put the signal cable access to AV2 interface. Then the signal set along the body of car, connect to boot. Next, install the camera and connect the power of camera to down lights. As long as the down lights are lighting, these powers from the down lights will be supplied to the camera. Finally, you should do some adjustments and a necessary test. Eventually, it is quite convenient for you viewing the situation on the LCD monitor when you revers the car.

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