3528 LED, Light Your Bright Life

3528 LEDWhen I was a kid, I would feel it is really miracle that the trees and buildings are brightness in the street at night, even various images on the building surface. Have you had feeling like this? After that, while I knew the miracles are thanks to illumination, then I start to looking for some beautiful and good quality illumination to do decoration until I found 3528 LED. It is a kind of waterproof flexible LED strip.

It has the functions that waterproof, high flexibility, high intensity and reliability, so it can be use in many places. It mainly use in the area of indoor lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting. Such as LED lighting products, LED decorative products, LED backlight products, lighting lighting, back light display (LCD, billboards), car lights and so on. Because of 3528 LED with double side adhesive tape in back and flexible ribbon, so it can be install easily. It is need to be attention that the methods of installing. If you want to install indoors, just need to rip out the adhesive at back directly, then fix on the position you need. If you need to install outdoors, the elements should be considering is that will be suffer by the wind and the rain outdoors, so need to fix by slot in case to the light strip fall off while the glueyness of the adhesive had be lower. By the way, if meet the place have a conner or longer than needy, it is OK. 3528 LED is a circuit configuration with 3 LED as a group made by series parallel way, every 3 LED can be cut and use alone.

It has the characteristic with ultra brightness but work in low temperature, can work over than 50,000 hours. 3528 LED totally is a fantastic decoration no matter house, cars, even bathroom as well.

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