3 Popular Car Cigarette Lighters You Can Choose

You had your best-laid plans in place for the long-awaited weekend. A camper well-stocked. You ticked your entire checklist twice. All the gadgets in place- dash cam, action cam, mobile phone, standalone GPS, and other devices. Then you encountered a problem-the camera had gone low on battery, but you had to get your phone charged first as your car cigarette lighter had only one socket, and you needed to charge your phone first. How you wished you had more sockets available that moment.

Car Cigarette Lighter

Sounded familiar?

We can help!

We evaluated several options over the past few weeks and came out with three car cigarette lighters that will be useful for people on the move with multiple devices.

Here are the three car cigarette lighters on the market that solve the challenge of charging multiple devices while on the go. Read on:

Double USB Port 2 Way Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Splitter Charger

Comes with two cigarette lighter sockets and two USB ports. Very convenient for charging various electronic devices like PDA, Cell Phones, iPod, GPS, MP3 Players, Video Games, etc, it has a blue indicator, to show when energized. It fits easily in front of the armrest console of a car like Jetta. Well-crafted, reasonably priced, it is suitable for people travelling with various electronic devices to be charged during car travel.

Car Cigarette Lighter

3.1A 12V/24V Car Charger 3-Socket Cigarette Lighter with USB ports Adapter 120W

This charger comes with three cigarette lighter sockets and three USB ports. It can charge up to three products at a time. Users have mostly found the performance to be stable. Some users have reported that it works well in trucks too. It is suitable for people who are looking for a reliable product for longer periods.

Car Cigarette Lighter

Dual USB 4Way Splitter Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Power Charger Adapter 12/24V

This one packs a real punch with four cigarette lighter sockets and two USB ports. Suitable for most of the devices. It has a body of strong plastic to make sure it won’t break easily. Comes packed with a few 3M double-sided sticker tapes to fix it properly. The multiple sockets help to check all devices before final wiring is done to install the gear in a vehicle. Highly recommended for people on the move with many devices for critical and heavy use.

Car Cigarette Lighter

Final Word

We have laid them out for you. Depending on your vehicle and number of devices that you need to charge while moving, you can take the pick of your car cigarette lighter. Make sure to check that the allowed voltages on the chargers are within permitted limits, matching your devices’ requirements. You may buy them on popular e-commerce portals. Wishing you all the best for your next road trip.

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