1080P G1WH Have An Amazing Performance

1080P G1WH using the latest science and technology from the design of digital high-definition cameras, both can be used as a common hd video camera, is also a professional hd driving 1080P G1WH recorder, can record up to 1920 x1080p FULL HD high resolution images, use the TF card as a storage device, small size, power saving, easy to carry. Compared with the traditional camera, recorded the product FULL HD video, can record more meticulous and perfect video images, video image can also use HDMI transmission directly to do high resolution play high-definition LCD TV.

1080P G1WH design with a 140 degree high-resolution ultra wide Angle lens, able to perform high resolution. A built-in low noise degree is high quality photosensitive components, available in dark places capture ultra clear picture, can be recorded 1920 x1080p FULL HD high resolution video quality. Full hd 1080 p display quality, 6 layer bo industrial camera, shooting out of the picture identification degree is higher, the color is more real. Using high dynamic lighting rendering DPS technology, make more realistic three-dimensional scene, greatly increased the three virtual reality. It has more than other image brightness data storage, information directly record images in the environment lighting, can under the environment of the light is very weak and can produce high quality video. When shooting by the preview screen, capture the ideal image. Built-in lithium electricity charge and video function. With gravity acceleration sensor, in collision can emergency lock key video, in the process of circulation video, will not be covered. With a TV/HDMI interface, can be used directly connected to the high-definition television.

A good DVR like 1080P G1WH not only can provide the powerful evidents in accident, also the nightmare of deceivers. Refuse to blackmail, expose the lies and crimes with facts.

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